Monday, August 10, 2009

The Winning Combination

The 2009 Drum Corps International World Championships was marked with several milestones for both Evans and the Blue Devils organization’s through domination of world championship and high percussion awards for both World and Open class a mere 8 months after the formation of its partnership with Evans Drum Heads.

Blue Devils went undefeated and soundly won their 13th DCI World Championship with a score of 99.05, a mere tenth of a point off the all-time record score. The corps won four of the five special caption awards which include the coveted “Fred Sanford Percussion Trophy”. The Blue Devils “B” corps also dominated the competition and matched the “A” corps accomplishments with a 1st place finish and high percussion trophy.

When asked what his thoughts were on the 13th title for the corps, which also marks an undefeated season for the Blue Devils…“I’m kind of out of words. It’s indescribable”, said executive director, Dave Gibbs. “People do not recognize how good these kids are – not just in talent but as human beings. They just don’t know that these kids are so special, they’ve worked so hard and sacrificed so much – and I want to tell them I’m extremely proud of them.”

The new partnership with the Blue Devils and Evans is exciting for everyone involved. Jim Bailey, who serves as Educator Relations Manager for D’Addario sums up the season by saying, “there has been a tremendous amount of energy from both the corps and the company and we look forward to getting started on the 2010 season.”

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